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  • Wed 2020.02.26

    'Also deepest apologies for my --expletive-- code'

    Is that a new Javascript language term I haven't heard of? ;-)

    'The project is powered by 4x AA batteries'

    @AdaMan82, taking @allObjects observations into account, what type of batteries are in use and what is their ampacity? How old are they should they be rechargeables? I've had a few NiMH go bad after three years of near daily use - that might be to spec however, would have to check

    I recently purchased some off brand rechargeable NiCd's only to learn they only have a 600mAHr rating, when most are around 1800mAHr and I've seen some other chemical makeups with a bragging value approaching (still needs to be researched) ~3000-5000mAHr !!

    I'm working on an all purpose battery pack currently considering the 18650 rather than AA

    Post some parameters and the math calculations for battery longevity - a bit stymied? Both allObjects, AkosLukacs and I would love to battle that out to arrive at how your project is actually performing.

    For the sleep option, which board is in the project? Post process.env results please.

    A simple FET switch might be all thats needed to turn off the juice to the Neopixel hogs or a relay as indicated in post #2 What about using a pin on the Espruino to control a Buck step-up converter that would supply the 5V? hummmmmm . . . .

    EDIT: Circuit to disconnect Neopixel VCC pin using an FET­nsistor/tran_7.html


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