• Hi there,

    I am new to espruino and I setup few days ago greenhouse in my garden and I want to make it autonomous as much as I can.

    So, in order to achieve that, I was thinking about using espruino as high level language, but I do not have an experience with the language partially because I am coming from Kotlin and Swift languages and I do not know how reliable espruino is.

    My question is can esp32 with espruino sustain controlling few relays, reading 2-3 dht22 sensors, reading water level meter and sending data over mqtt? How reliable is it? What problems can I expect with the language? What about multitasking/multi threading, is it possible since esp32 has 2 cors if I am not mistaken?
    Can I relay on the combination of the board and espruino?

    I already did this with raspberry pi, but I think it is overkill to have raspberry pi board for turning on/off things and sending some small data as humidity level and temperature. I would rather use raspberry as mqtt server and database server with small web app so I can control green house from a distance.

    I will appreciate any help and advice.



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