• Hi there,

    I am new to espruino and I setup few days ago greenhouse in my garden and I want to make it autonomous as much as I can.

    So, in order to achieve that, I was thinking about using espruino as high level language, but I do not have an experience with the language partially because I am coming from Kotlin and Swift languages and I do not know how reliable espruino is.

    My question is can esp32 with espruino sustain controlling few relays, reading 2-3 dht22 sensors, reading water level meter and sending data over mqtt? How reliable is it? What problems can I expect with the language? What about multitasking/multi threading, is it possible since esp32 has 2 cors if I am not mistaken?
    Can I relay on the combination of the board and espruino?

    I already did this with raspberry pi, but I think it is overkill to have raspberry pi board for turning on/off things and sending some small data as humidity level and temperature. I would rather use raspberry as mqtt server and database server with small web app so I can control green house from a distance.

    I will appreciate any help and advice.


  • Tue 2020.02.25

    'I do not know how reliable espruino is'

    @Svarog, Esprunio has been around for five+ years and continues to grow and improve.


    FYI I got involved around three years ago and there were about fifty tutorials. Today, as a testament to the success of Esprunio and the addition of the Pixl, the MDBT42Q BLE Breakout Board, and the recent Bangle watch, that list is well over one hunderd and growing.

    Tutorials and Examples

    There is a specific list of at least ten reference links that contain pertinent detail at:



    . . . . and of course, check out what others have and are doing listed in the Projects forum:



    'I do not have an experience with the language'

    IMO from the above statement and the minor difficulty mentioned in the post from four days ago and as newly introduced to Javascript, you will be far better off with an Official Supported Board to obtain timely responses to forum posts and execute examples with simple cut-n-paste of code blocks. The tutorials are proven, and for the most part, work on every Official board with little (pin labels) or no modification. The lost productivity from the extra datasheet searching and wasted development time debugging, in the vain attempt to save ten dollars with an unsupported board, just isn't worth it.


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