• The UI of the watch face seems to get corrupted ever so often after I installed this version.

      "VERSION": "2v04.99",
      "GIT_COMMIT": "3bd026c",
      "BOARD": "BANGLEJS",
      "FLASH": 524288, "SPIFLASH": 4194304, "STORAGE": 1048576, "RAM": 65536,
      "SERIAL": "a0cf0da6-7b6c234d",
      "CONSOLE": "Bluetooth",
      "MODULES": "Flash,Storage,heatshrink,tensorflow,gra­phical_menu",
      "EXPTR": 536883676 

    I am using a modified mclock app.
    Looks like everytime I connect to console or disconnect from console it logs something to the screen pushing the buffer up. This results in the next paint (on lcdPower) picking up the wrong corrupted buffer and keeps repainting it until the next corruption happens. As seen in the next image, the time is actually 1:12 am.

    Initially I thought I wasn't repainting the widgets on lcdpower event hence it looked corrupted. Now after repainting the widget area, the widgets show up correctly but as you can see there is a bit of corruption above the widget as well.

    My code is here
    It is based off the beta version of mclock with some modifications. I've updated how the widgets are loaded and painted as per latest version of mclock.

    Reloading the app by long-pressing button 3 temporarily resolves this. (I have also lost Button 2 click so can't get to settings, but that's a different issue I believe, still digging into that).

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