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  • Just FYI, there is new "Da Fit app' set of nrf52832 smartwatches that are hackable without taking apart. See this video made by atc1441­fAo

    for more details. The easy flashing procedure is currently in progress but the concept appears to work including reflashing its custom bootloader with nordic one.

    Just beware that Da Fit app support watches with multiple CPUs so not all of them are automatically nrf52832. Randoms tips: rectangular with full touch screen P8 (in the video), or with full circular display SN80, CF98, F13 (like this one, not the other one), also the CV16 is quite unusual with dual display.

    A week ago I have ordered P8 on aliexpress so it will take some time to arrive to verify the procedure with real device by myself, but there already is lot of things to do before it arrives. I am also thinking a bit about CF98 since from reviews and listings it looks like it is a bit smaller - only 4.1cm diameter unlike F18, DT28 or SN80 which is 5cm.

    BTW, looks like all of the watches have external SPI flash as the firmware update procedure depends on it (the stock app receives the firmware from Da Fit app, writes it to SPI, then reboots to bootloader which upgrades the app from SPI with no bluetooth DFU involved).


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