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  • Hi @Gordon, thank you for the updates.

    Looks like my real wishlist is I rtfm :D :D :D. if'filname').length will give me size I am happy to use that :)
    Regarding the wildcard, it is a very low prio thing and a requirement that came up from me doing something wrong. I had ended up with loads of my log files with \xNN in the end even though the root file was deleted. I don't exactly know what triggered it, because StorageFile.erase() works reliably. So I tried to loop though these rouge files and delete them one at a time, but that didn't work. Eventually I ran out of space and did a eraseAll and reset everything. I was wondering if a wildcard delete would help in these cases.

    I will now go and read up on all the other pointers you have provided :-).

    I am building my dashboard using NodeJS, SQLite and Mapbox. Coincidentally I started with the BangleApps repo and wanted to add a tab myself :-) but then got into a tangle with WebBLE and https (maybe I'll revisit with ngrok), and since I do most of my hacking during my commute on train, being able to code and test without internet became the driver to look for a more offline solution.

    That said I will happily add a tab that shows maps and GPS data from the GPS widget. How are you storing the data NEMA sentences or JSON ?

    I understand the problems with minification. I have created a dev folder in my BangleApps fork (image attached) for my app only and I run a Gulp script to minify and move it to the actual apps folder. I guess to do this on commit you'll need some kind of pre-commit hook? I vaguely remember that kind of thing being possible, I can lookup details on this if this looks like an easy enough approach. (Of course the gulp script will need some refinement :-)... )

    Oh one more request, is there a way to introduce a user selectable GPS polling rate? I want to progressively dock down polling rate once I loose GPS signal so it saves battery. Currently I am very abrupt about it, if I loose GPS for 2/3 minutes, boom, power off GPS so I have to manually restart it. I guess I could build a timer functionality to wake up and test, if that's the only way from a h/w perspective I am fine, no need to build an API feature.

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