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  • @AkosLukacs I think you might be hitting the lipo discharge curve - currently we just convert the voltage linearly into batter percent, which works over most of the life of the battery. I guess I could tweak the battery marker at the low end so it registered as empty a little earlier?

    @opichals thanks - actually @MaBe just mentioned it in­343491/#comment15099214 and I'll fix that in an update soon :)

    @PiOfThings I should probably just cave in and do filesize. The reality is that is actually just as fast/efficient so I was just trying to keep things clean. For erase you mean you want wildcards?

    guidance on how to build multi feature apps

    Yes, totally. I'm in the process of adding a GPS recorder widget so I'm trying to build stuff out for getting it working nicely. We definitely need more docs about that kind of thing.

    Right now I'd say if possible, using widgets is the way forward as then you can use them in different apps

    how to start with recording gestures

    Yes - there's an issue open to create a site where users can upload gesture data so that we can get a decent amount of training, but right now the best source of info is­odeconfeu2019/blob/master/ and for training, the Google Colab that Andreas made for Nodeconf is a really good intro:­olab-from-workshop

    But that all needs documenting properly - unfortunately at the moment the docs are taking a bit of a back seat as I figure they can always be done after/as the watches are shipping...

    is the minify on deploy feature being built

    I'm still on the fence about this and how to do it. I'll push some IDE changes that make developing (and minifying if needed) nice and easy, but most folks will upload apps using the App Loader site, and that's nice because it can work statically. I could add 'pretokenised upload' to the app loader that would happen dynamically - but that won't constant fold or do anything fancy.

    I guess the other option is for me to have a script that will pre-minify everything from before it gets to

    currently focused on building a dashboard that pulls in the GPS data

    Using Python? As part of the GPS widget I'm building out the app loader a little so that you can click on an app and go right to a page that'll load data off the watch and let you do stuff with it.

    At the moment I'm more focused on getting a nice framework for that sorted, so the one I do probably won't be too nice. If you were able to get your dashboard working inside the bangle loader app it'd be amazing.


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