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  • Hi @Gordon,
    Apologies for not submitting an app, mine isn't 'complete' yet :-( but I guess I bit off more than I could chew. However, I have managed to form a wish-list:

    1. More options in Storage API. Currently I miss a sizeofFile and a erase("myfile*") option. First one more than the second :-)

    2. Some guidance on how to build multi feature apps. My app for example is a clock face that does, GPS and HR when asked to (button trigger). I plan to introduce step counter as well. Should I build each as a widget or bake it into a clock app? Currently the eventing system seems to work well in one app, but I haven't tested it fully.

    3. Lots more guidance on how to start with recording gestures so it can be fed back to the AI engine. A lot of it might be outside BangleJS eco-system (more to do with TensorFlow Lite) so some links on where to get started for a noob like me would be really nice

    4. Also is the minify on deploy feature being built or has it been made redundant with ability to load files off flash. Asking because I had to move my development work to a separate dev folder which then is gulp-ed and sent into the Apps folder as a minified file.

    Apologies for not updating the firmware yet. I promise to do it this week :-)

    I have managed to sync between the watch and laptop using Python and currently focused on building a dashboard that pulls in the GPS data and shows pretty maps. The Python script has lots of hard-coded values so at best a pre-alpha quality script, but it will not delete anything off your watch, so you are safe ;-)

    P.S. Let me know if I shouldn't use the name 'Bangle' in my repos, or happy to rename any if the official repo wants them.


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