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  • Fri 2020.02.07

    Welcome @user109345 to the world of Espruino and your keen and eager interest to get started!

    'was totally flashed'

    Thank you for the introduction to a new phrase. Unable to locate an idiom that closely matches that. Please explain the origins and meaning. . . .

    off sidebar

    'I've followed the instructions to add my user to plugdev group'

    Please provide link so that we may follow along!

    For ESP8266, were all the warnings observed on this page?­g

    under heading Initial Flashing
    'Use esp-12 modules if at all possible, avoid esp-01 modules: . . . .    . . . . The esp-01 has barely any usable I/O . . . . '

    Please read through that entire page.

    Incidentally, I've had moderate success with the ESP-12E, at the expense of a massive time commitment but abandoned it's use as it is not an official supported board, and has too few I/O to be practical for my projects under development.    caveat emptor

    'give me a helping hand to start with my first IoT and Espruino'

    While I admire the tenacity to start with a device that might be inexpensive and currently understood from previous Arduino projects, what is the ultimate goal here?

    Should it be to learn/understand Javascript with Espruino, then might I suggest the easy to get started with Pico. Just plug it in to a USB port and you are up-and-running in minutes.

    Have the tutorials been reviewed?

    Quick four minute intro using one of the older style boards­


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