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  • Hi!

    One of the things I've got on my list of improving on Bangle.js is the menu created by E.showMenu. This is the same thing that's used on Pixl.js where we have a black/white display, and I feel like we can do better. The attached image is what the Settings menu looks like...


    • It's black and white - at the very least the background could be a different colour
    • The menu can't go right to the bottom or top because the screen's edge is curved, so there's a lot of dead space
    • The dead space means it's easy to miss the down-arrow in the bottom right which means there are more menu items

    I've copied the relevant code into a gist so you can try it in the emulator:­ml?gist=4bd0d57bc653fe6fb63c1a0adb4c7d4f­&upload

    Any thoughts about what we could change easily? I'm thinking maybe...

    • Move the title right up to the top, with a coloured background
    • Give the highlighted item a different background
    • Add big up/down arrows if there are more items available, like we do for the launcher at the moment...

    ... and I know the font could maybe be better but I think at the moment it's better to leave that as-is :)

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