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  • Few things for me are:

    1. App Store uploads remain unreliable. Particularly the Settings app for some reason. I think it the uploads should be checksummed in some way and rejected if the checksum fails.

    2. I think there needs to be some sort of version compatibility check between the Apps and the Firmware. We've had a lot of issues with app changes (e.g. the appearance of Launcher) causing issues with older Firmwares. At this point we flash the firmware and the apps on exactly the same day just to be sure.

    3. You have to delete and re-install an App in the appstore to reliably update it. That should be a one-step process.

    4. We've had the same unreliable Bluetooth issue as reported above. We have to reset the watch multiple times a day if doing any sort of dev on it, as it just becomes invisible to the IDE. Far more than any previous Espruino device.

    5. HID remains very unstable. Watch will crash at least once an hour with it enabled.

    6. Grabbing the latest time off GPS on reboot is far preferable to leaving it on Jan 1 1970. As long as the GPS time isn't set to the year 2250 then it's likely to be reasonably correct. This should address the lack of an RTC for most people.

    7. Power-off still seems to drain the battery. We've had multiple internal people get dead watches in the post after they were sent fully-charged and powered off.

      1. Agree with all of your items in the top post :-D

    Still love it!


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