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  • Sun 2020.02.02

    'sending the data as Uint8Array only writes the first byte of the array'

    At L9a console.log( "buf: " + this.buffer ) What is the result? e.g. is the result just one char/byte? . . . and/or. . . convert to other base if necessary

    Untested solution but, . . .

    Checked out the MDN example links in post #2 above?

    Was an attempt made to init the Uint8Array using the suggestions, one of which is in post #9 found in the first link of post #2 above, and an attempt to replace L10 with those suggestions in the code block in post #3 above?

    When done, what is the output?

    Looking at L26 L27 L30 L31, are CS and DS backwards? Should CS be toggling with the data as input, then the data line would only * see * a one byte state change!


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