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  • Thanks! I'll definitely be getting the watch display stuff fixed soon - today hopefully.

    Very strange about your BLE issues - it sounds almost like low signal strength. When the upload fails and aborts, does the watch itself reboot? Do you see lower signal strength reported in your Bluetooth settings than you do for other devices?

  • Signal strength on the pc is typically fine when it is connected.
    That was also my first thought, a signal problem. For that reason i've tested different situtations: Really near the pc bluetooth dongle, more far away, disconnected all other devices.
    Nothing really have an impact on the signal strength.

    If the watch has restarted, i don't know.

    It feels like, once connected via web bluetooth and than reloading the page, which disconnects you and you have to reconnect, the problem start to begin.

    I will try to invest more time on that issue and summerize that for you in a post. This will take some days probably. Will also try another pc.