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  • I like the watch, i've already created a watch interface "Centerclock".

    I don't wear the watch currently, because of this­ues/1738
    I'm a person that wear a watch 24/7. And with the bangle, it's difficult to sleep because of the ever automatic display turn on when i move my hands.
    The watch display turn on way to often in not required scenarios.

    For me, i need to turn off the watch display per default and only turn it on with a press of a button.

    Also i have troubles with bluetooth connection while developing.
    It is a pretty weird behaviour

    • Sometimes i'm able to connect within seconds
    • Sometimes it doesn't connect at all, for minutes
    • Other bluetooth devices work flawlessly on the same PC
    • Sometimes i start an upload and it stops inbetween and abort

    I can't describe a way to reproduce, even i can't describe a proper fix. I always tried resetting the watch, settings, etc... until it finally connected again.

    So, my development of my watch face took a way longer because of the bluetooth issues, but with patience i managed to finalize it.

    Battery life is really good, when the display don't turn on automatically.
    Currently it's on my desk since 14 days, untouched. Still have battery.
    With normal auto turn on display this drops off to a few days of battery life.