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  • Hi! We're getting close to the time that KickStarter watches will arrive and software will be flashed onto them, and I wondered if anyone had any feedback about the Bangle.js Beta and Nodeconf badges...

    While obviously stuff can be tweaked and added later, do you think there's anything specific which needs doing before the Bangles are sent out, since most users won't update their firmware initially?

    So far, I have:

    • Make the automatic screen backlight more flexible (add option to disable, detect wrist twisting rather than upright position) DONE - issue here
    • Create a useful set of default apps - DONE
    • Add a 'welcome' app that explains buttons, touch, and how to get apps - issue here
    • 'About' app with the KickStarter pixel screen, firmware version, etc - issue here
    • 'Reset to default' button in App Loader that wipes everything and also loads the apps exactly as they were flashed onto the device - DONE
    • Proper 'Getting Started' and 'Make your first app' docs

    Please make sure you're running up to date Espruino firmware and apps before mentioning a problem as a lot has changed recently, and issues you had with earlier firmwares may have been fixed!


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