• Thanks - yes, I've poked around in there... not yet sure how to weave it all together and suspect the code is out there somewhere.

    Forgot to mention I have gotten EspurinoHub installed, which appears to aggregate some of the advertising and post results to MQTT.

    I'd like to get readings from the magnetometer (open/close door), temp and light sensor, as well as battery level.

  • Tue 2020.01.28

    'not yet sure how to weave it all together'
    'I'd like to get readings from the magnetometer (open/close door), temp and light sensor'

    So @user108908, is it possible that what is being attempted has started with a bit of overkill with a not so suitable starter example?

    . . . or . . . is the task at hand a question for where to decode the sensor data, rather than/or how to interface with MQTT and EspruinoHUB?


    I grabbed this easier to follow example Puck Detecting Movement from the 'Tips and Tricks' page:


    Obtaining the current battery level:


    "You can use Puck.mag() to return one magnetometer reading (with x, y, and z axes)" code snippet from:


    As the Tutorials section is directed at providing a solution map for others to follow to reach the same proven presentation, see beneath heading in the specific 'Tutorials' posting pane on the right hand side,


    "Post any tutorials/examples for Espruino here!" that a better thread section might provide better visibility for what is desired here?

    For: @Gordon This post most likely would benefit user108908 if it were posted under:
    Home >> Official Espruino Boards >> Puck.js   or   Interfacing, perhaps?

    Also, where did the basic Getting Started video (~4-6min) Intro to Espruino link that showed a broad overview from typing code into the WebIDE and simple interface snippets get to? I used to (> ~6mo ago) fetch that from the main menu. If it is there, now not as intuative location as before.


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