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  • The PHPOC shield has a separate flashing process that needs to be done in Windows. We don't have a Windows machine so we're running this VM which doesn't always work. It works like 30% of the time so updating code is a hassle. Anyway, once the Espruino gets here it'll be way easier. We'll redo the "server" code in JS and refactor the client in React. It'll be all JS with a simple USB process to update code for now. (Later on, we'll load from the SD.)

    So yes, @Robin it works as you described. We have the ins and outs of the Arduino hooked up to a 25 pin Honda connector at the back of the machine. We're basically reading tach pulses and tape direction to do the counter, and sending hi or low to issue the transport commands. The Otari machine controls the motor functions-- we just issue commands.

    I'm not sure what we're gonna do when we get this software fully done. But we should prolly do something. It would be amazing to have someone work on the code with us, but how many Otari owners also code. Anyway, thanks to you for your help!



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