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  • After a day of wrestling with the crappy PHPOC shield, we're ready to try the Espruino. We did manage to read the tachometer and compute counter time accurately and issue all the transport commands.

    Here's a little vid of me and my buddies playing with the current iteration.


  • Sat 2020.01.25

    Matt @mattw I actually could feel the wind blow my hair back during rewind using the Otari! Man, can that transport move!!

    'After a day of wrestling with the crappy PHPOC shield'

    What type of issues were you running into?

    I had a thought while imagining how the solenoids were tapped into. Was it as simple as bridging the momentary contact in parallel and use the internal Otari electronics to control the solenoids? Just wondering how the EspruinoWiFi would be connected? A driver chip, optoisolation, just plain old transistors?

    I agree with @MaBe in post #17 on considering an ongoing tutorial, or even a listing under the projects heading. AFAIK, no one yet has anything close in coolness to what you guys are working on with audio equipment.


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