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  • Thanks again guys. 2.5k might be enough storage, but I'm building one for my friend in Chicago and one for another friend in South Carolina. If I send them an SD card and tell them to edit it they'll figure it out. Asking them to flash a PROM might be too complicated for them.

    Also. So when my pals install their devices, I'd like to have them get updates over the internet. So basically, if it detects a new file in a particular S3 bucket, it asks "Do you wanna update?" in the JS, and then it writes the new JS files to the SD, specifies those new files in the config, and reboots. When it reboots, it does its normal routine, and loads the new JS it just downloaded.

    So the SD disk needs to hold code, potentially, as well. In fact, my idea is to make the actual application as dumb as possible, and deploy all the real code over the internet. Again, my buddies are not going to want to manage this stuff in any way more complicated than a normal app on the phone.

    What do you guys think?


    PS. This little app is a web-based autolocator/remote for my analog tape recorders.

  • Thr 2020.01.23

    'I can't remember where but someone has definitely done something similar...'

    @Gordon, @allObjects and @DrAzzy to the rescue!!

    run JavaScript code from SD Card eval

    load dynamically - at runtime - module

    Load a .js file?

    Running code off of an EEPROM

    Those should provide some ideas.

    I was more facinated with the Ampex 4-track and it's sister monster.

    Most reading this thread wont have a clue as to what that aluminum block above the capstan and pinch roller is!!    or where the heck the USB port is to plug in their smart phone   ;-)

    Reminded me of a trend during the mid seventies when I would hijack my dad's Teac and mono Webcor (with a green phosphor tube wedge VU) and dup the ELO 'Fire On High' and Pink Floyd 'Empty Spaces' tunes off vinyl to the Teac, then flip the reel over and play it back on the Webcor. Most won't have a clue here either, but you will!!

    'What do you guys think?'

    Matt, after reading the #11 post explanation, SD card it is.


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