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  • Hello!
    Wow, so long post! Thank you! I'll break my answer.

    1. Link with that quote: ESP32-CAM Troubleshooting Guide. Just add quotes when google it.
    2. My humble opinion. I had lost many hours with reflash and rerun, edit sketches, search for other sketches (tried Arduino based), google why this thing can't run simple things. Reason was: bad cable, that can't feed the board enough. I choose to post this reminder here: please feed the board.
    3. I did a check with a cheap and not very accurate "USB tester", short cable can give 1A from powerbank to resistor, 1m cable can't. Enough for Pico, too bad for ESP32.
    4. My friend is making a flight cockpit emluator with several Megas. Suddenly they stopped to reflash. All of them. He spend 4 hours in research, reinstall, change drivers. Real reason: motherboard change in pc. New MB can't reflash with old cable and front USB case connection. He took a short cable from Mega package and everythyng works as usual.
    5. BTW, had such dance with a R300 printer. It looked ok in devices, but can't print. Same cure: change the cable.

    So. Cables are fake friends. And yes, I think it's related to "How to Flash your ESP32" topic.

  • Oh yes, checked some of my USB cables just this weekend: most had <0.5 ohm resistance.
    The ones came with a third-party nRF kit had 5-6 ohm resistance. Fine for the nRF's couple of milliamps. Not good for anything else.
    The short (0.4m) IKEA ones are ok. The longer (1.5m) ones had higher resistance.
    The best one was a 1.5m long that came with my phone. Don't have the exact number right now, but had lower resistance than the 0.4m Ikea ones.

    Also, the cable or the connectors can wear out after use :(


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