• ...with this I will get my .seek() I was posting for a bit ago... (did not check for append though, yet).

    Having said so and working thru my storage options across all boards including bangle.js and after taking latter apart to look into modification options I could appreciate Storage to have a .connect() as devices usually have (or mount) to support more than just one storage (even replacing SD card). As 'required' parms (for non-standard/non-default storage) I could see offset and length and an optional parm for `rewritable. Having offset in addition to length allows to 'partition' the storage to alleviate (file) name search. Partitioning is also simpler than file/directory hierarchy and that could compensate for file/directory hierarchy flexibility.

    Did not take a look into the (file) name look-up, but I assume there is no caching for names since memory is in short supply anyway (and no disconnect / unmount needed).


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