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  • As for sunlight readable I have one hot tip - the dk08, it is sdk11 based and I already managed to brick one completely by updating bootloader. But I had espruino already there to backup bootlaoader and then for some stupid reason I restored the app and then after some time I tried to update bootloader and then then app does not start anymore. I think with espruino there the bootloader update would work :-( Unfortunately it looks impossible to open without breaking it (glass glued to metal), so I had to order another one. And it hurts because it is quite expensive. But the sunlight readable always on display is worth it. No touchscreen and only one button though.

    I wonder what would dissolve the glue that is used, not sure if acetone or ethanol or something like wd40. if I put it to some shallow liquid just to cover the glass maybe it would be possible to open without breaking the glass.


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