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  • Wohoo! Wow, if that's what 'optimised' looks like it's going to be pretty interesting.

    I would seriously hope that PineTime would ship with an unlocked bootloader, but it sounded like they might not be using the normal nRF SDK (but Zephyr) in which case flashing Espruino would still likely be a case-off job.

    If there's demand after Bangle.js ships then I'll definitely look at doing a smaller, cheaper watch though. PineTime are just an intermediary adding their own mark-up (another company makes the watch), so if I did decide to do another watch I'd be better off going direct.

    ... also I feel like I'd be better off using a lower-power sunlight-readable display for a second watch if it was at all possible. I think it'd make a much more usable device.


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