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  • For @Gordon's business sake I do not want to encourage you and at the same time in @Gordon's spirit of open HW and SW you should not be afraid to start small: many porters started out with just getting the core going... and that would be possible practically of the bat because of the nRF52832 / nRF52840 chip as core by defining a new .py. The new '' board .py would just contain the pin definitions to start with, because that would then allow to get the cousin of the 'Hellow World' for IoT off the ground: a blinking LED - or acting up what ever single pin driven peripheral hardware pine time includes - (piezo speaker, vibration motor, display light,...). It will be for sure an interesting story. Take a look at @fanoush 's work - he can exactly tell you what to do... I mean procedurally / methodically... because he is also one of the Bangle.js contributors / enables mentioned namely by @Gordon.

    Any work related to Espruino is growing popularity of Espruino... how to monetize though this for the creator(s) is the challenge... (I make my living from something else... and would not mind it to be otherwise... to be precise: Espruino-wise... question is: is the room / demand enough on a sustainable - open space - market?).


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