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  • The chip is one thing... all the other hardware around it and how it is driven is the other part, and that latter one is where the effort lays. pine time piece also announced to use the more powerful nRF52840... and with every HW change some FW / SW change goes - has to go - along.

    Looking at Bangle.js' technical data, some of core modules complementing hardware is so custom that it there is no public documentation available: the external memory is 'like' and the compas chip is still to be identified. @Gordon has picked an off-the-shelf product because he knows first hand what it means to get hardware off the ground on his own and be able to recoup the effort with the production / sale numbers.

    And even in his work I see some pattern: move from putting individual base components together - as for Original and Pico Espruino boards, to shimming and hosting module - Pico, and Espriuno-Wifi and Puck Espruino board, to putting modules together Pixl, to most recent 'just' take a fully developed, of-the-shelf hardware 'softwaring' it - hijack hardware with software.

    So most of the work - with significant support from specific forum members - went into 'cracking' the device and discover how the device operates by reverse engineering the SW..., something that would also have to go into a port onto a different HW combination - if the device is even open / not locked down or locked down to a particular way of 'softwaring' it.

    Nothing is holding you back to spearhead this effort... so far, we are still awaiting pine time's release...


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