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  • Even with the firmware updates and an external IR LED I couldn't achieve the 2 meters. It was close but it is very directional, you have to very precisely point (much more than a TV remote) to the IR receiver otherwise it won't work. Additionally the external IR LED makes it more difficult to press the button. I'm a little bit disappointed, I'll have to think of another use for the puck.js.

  • Wed 2020.01.08

    'I'm a little bit disappointed'

    As an observer, it appears your frustration @user106855 is premature.

    From posts #15, #17 and #20 please follow along as an outside viewer of this progress

    To we readers, we have been able to determine you are working with an IR type LED and using it with a Puck. Upon one recomendation, updated firmware has been attempted.

    and, . . . that's it.

    Back in post #16 three weeks ago, in order to get a better understanding of what the goal was and was attempted, I requested the following:

    Start a new thread post please as the responses most likely will get long winded, and,

    'Post the links to the tutorial(s) being used, the datasheet of the discreet device and/or upload images of the setup currently in use.'

    There are so many combinations and possibilities, that without that detail, all we are able to assist with is to just plain guess, and that won't solve the issue at hand.

    Things to consider, TV remotes typically have three or five transmit LED's and fixed with a slight ~10 degree angle, so as not to be directional. Are we working with a basic on/off detection or a pulse train? Has the use of a cell phone camera been used to view the transmit LED? (not 100% sure the recent smart phone cameras work this way, but I have an older 2G 'Flip phone' which when pointed at the transmit LED super saturates the vieweable image. This works as a great distance estimator) Do you have access to a voltmeter and scope? What is the knowledge background, from the physics side of things for light, the magnetic spectrum and the application of a bit of math for luminance, power disipation etc? What tid-bits does the datasheet provide?

    FYI, with one type of setup, I've gotten fifteen feet, with multiple transmit LED's and within a room whose walls are all white. The reflective nature of this paint maybe, assists here as I'm even able to bounce the signal off the wall!

    So you can see there are too many variables without the much needed requested detail.


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