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  • Hi @AlexOwen,

    There's definitely reverse voltage protection.

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with it. The heart rate monitor flashes at boot time (before much else happens) to show that the device is booting, but it should just flash once.

    Repeated flashing of the light could be because it's trying to boot but it's not getting enough power to get past the initial boot procedure, so it's resetting (probably when the LCD screen backlight is turned on) and just repeating the same thing over and over.

    Have you tried a different USB charger? It may be that whatever charger you're using isn't supplying enough power to get it over that initial hurdle.

    Otherwise I guess it could be a problem with the charge cable. If you have a power supply you could actually attempt to supply power to the two pins on the back of the watch yourself.

    If it's not that then I guess you'd need to open up the watch and add power to the battery manually - that may be something that you'd want to send it back here for though.

    Is anyone else having this issue? If it's a problem then I may have to modify the bootloader to check battery charge and then refuse to boot until it's as some 'safe' level.

  • Tue 2020.01.07

    I wish @AlexOwen had reported back with any info, and hopefully success.

    Not having exactly that issue, . . . but,

    'I may have to modify the bootloader to check battery charge and then refuse to boot until it's as some 'safe' level.'

    I don't have sufficient direct practical experience with Li-Ion yet. I've read enough to know that I should be prepared! From the recovery link in #6 post, along with the simple fact I was faced with a dark display, to which having that knowledge and the wisdom to show patience with rechargables that can effectively render themselves non-starting. I lucked out with patience, rather than fiddling more.

    IMO it would be smart to not allow booting for at least a fifteen minute charge time, when the device can't boot. Would it be possible to show (is display even visible when not booted?) a graphic indicating a charge is necessary prior to Espruino boot? My Amazon Kindle Fire HD stays in a red battery icon mode until at least 15% battery charge duration has occured. Can't turn on/boot until that, which takes about fifteen minutes.

    Add as a back burner task. . . .


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