• Hi, afaik, there is no "release" for the bangle, it's still beta :) There are several fixes in the current cutting edge build compared to the Nodeconf firmware (about month time difference). Also the apps themselves were updated since Nodeconf. For example Apps versioning wasn't in that version. But done entirely in the "apps". No firmware changes, just JS changes.

    The bootloader
    and settings are "apps" themselves, if you clean all JS code, the remaining functionality is like an MDBT42 breakout board: It can do lots of things, if you write your own code :)

    Middle button -> app list, and go to the "Settings" app to bring up the settings. If the bootloader and settings are installed!

  • Sat 2019.12.28

    re: 'Middle button -> app list, and go to the "Settings" app'

    Middle button appears dead when the clock face is visible. No change. No app list.

    re: 2nd pp #7 post, that confirms my basic mental model. Have done that with the online 'apps' but with your links to the source, I'll create a new project environment and attempt another complete reset. Back in a half hour . . . .


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