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  • I've tried it about 10 times (on charge and not) and still nothing.

    I've noticed the LED only flashes (fast and regularly) when it's on charge, and when I start pressing any buttons the flashing becomes very erratic. When I disconnect the charger it turns off completely.

    The screen never turns on whether it's charging or not. No errors, no messages, no animations. As it's OLED it could be off or just no data/image I guess.

  • Fri 2019.12.27

    Alex, just had a crazy thought. Has any attempt been made to see if the WebIDE actually sees the Bangle, even with the display off?

    Not sure which PC OS you have, I only have experience with Windows10, and have had to un-pair and re-pair at times. Just wondering if we may be able to reboot the device OTA. Are you able to press the WebIDE Amber 'Connect' button and does the WebIDE see the Bangle?


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