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  • @Dutch_Peter whatever works. This thread is for bringing forward experiences/issues using Typescript to develop BangleJS apps in particular which can be expanded to Espruino in general.

    I am halfway through Type definition of Bangle API. Still wondering if I should takeup the challenge of updating the entire Espruino type definition. It is a bit of Yak shaving I rather not get stuck in. I want to have a Bangle JS App ready rather quickly.

    The TS quickstart project I referred to (above) has a lot of Espruino specific steps that actually sets you up well for Espruino devices. I'll try and adapt it to Bangle as far as possible.

    I am not rewriting anything in Typescript, rather I am just creating Type definitions for existing APIs to help use TS to write Espruino code.

    I am pretty sure the TS compiler/transpiler generates better JS code than I can hope to write. For those who can write better JS code directly, rock on folks!


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