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  • @parasquid I am an Espruino noob, so I can't speak for the type definition referred to in this post ->¬≠Visual+Studio+Code+IDE

    I have a fork of the quickstart here but I still haven't managed to get all bits running without errors. Atleast it has all dependencies upgraded and latest version of Gulp.

    I am not going to mess up the Espruino type definition in DefinitelyTyped unless someone files a bug for it. But you probably need to dig into the node_modules\@types\espruino\index.d.ts and comment out line number 3692 that says declare var global: any; The variable 'global' conflicts with another one in node.d.ts I believe.
    I think I'll start a self contained repository for the BangleJS typedef and slowly get familiar with Espruino myself. I'll post updates here.



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