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    I was just too impatient to wait 3 months, I want to dump my Fitbit as soon as possible, I backed the Beta Unit

    ...smart choice!

    I was actually surprised that @Gordon (finally) put out an emulator... It is about 5 years ago when I started to develop in dedicated emulator in browser (http://forum.espruino.com/comments/12041­240/) - and 3+ years ago built my own (for developing ui framework and ui elements). My emulator not as sophisticated but much more accessible and customizable. I see not much difference in the outcome since none of the emulators does really 'usable' HW emulation. The advantage of my emulator is that I can include testing and monitoring... I like emulation for the purpose of figuring out logic - algorithms and data structures - on a higher (application oriented) level immediately. For the ui I'm at the point where I pull into the emulator the very same unchanged code from projects and modules from the Espruiono Web IDE Sandbox folder that then run on the target Espruno board. The emulation uses a board specific 'plug-in' to give me what I need... and I add as I go. Most recent I implemented the setWatch() and it works just as I expected. The pin / Btn is a html element - Button or Checkbox - that creates the 'edge' event on press or unpress / mouse down / mouse up.

    You allocated your resources for beta version... I folded then into multiple 'final' versions. I'm looking forward to get them as soon as possible... and if 'Far East' is playing by its promise towards @Gordon it will happen sooner then later. So far I had good and mixed experience with similar sources.


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