• @Robin and @allObjects thank you for all the tips, but guess what 'fixed' it? Merging the latest upstream from espruino/BangleApps repo into my fork and redeploying (almost) the same code. I will dig into the changeset and see if I can spot what changed.

    Couple of points though:

    1. E.on('init'...) : I am not sure Bangle Apps fall in this category, because I am guessing Bangle HW on init, start the firmware first and not the App (not my App anyway).

    2. IIFE - I deserve no credit for getting that to work, I was simply copying a pattern from the most basic clock App in the Repo.

    3. H/w - @allObjects I was just too impatient to wait 3 months, I want to dump my Fitbit as soon as possible, I backed the Beta Unit, so I am developing on device.

    Thanks again.


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