• @PiOfThings, looked at your code and asked myself about the issue... if it persists even after applying for example, setTimeout(ctor,999); at line 278 - https://github.com/piofthings/BangleApps­/blob/master/apps/fitclck/fit-clock.js#L­278 (if it is still that line), old setWatches() may may still exist... I doubt though that @Gordon - I mean: the app loader @Gordon created - leaves them behind, active... (Don't ask me about removing them since I don't know how they would have been created, or having access to them or their handle...).

    A) Do you have actual device to test? ... or - B) Are you (still) confined - like me - to the Espruino (or my own, homegrown) emulator?

    NB: Instead of the direct timeout, I would try the standard onInit(){ ctor(); }. Looking forward to hear equally interested on success or not yet success ... failure is defined as giving up, not yet success is learning... I just was 'told' by some giants on whom's shoulders I'm given the privilege to stand.


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