• some infos about the I2C from the IC doc
    I2C Serial Interface
    The HT16K33 includes an I2C serial interface. The I2C bus is used for bidirectional, two-line communication between different ICs or modules. The two lines are a serial data line (SDA) and a serial clock line (SCL). Both lines are connected to a positive supply via a pull-up resistor. When the bus is free, both lines are high. The output stages of devices connected to the bus must have an open-drain or open-collector to perform a wired and function. Data transfer is initiated only when the bus is not busy.
    START and STOP Conditions
    • A high to low transition on the SDA line while SCL is high defines a START condition.
    • A low to high transition on the SDA line while SCL is high defines a STOP condition.
    • START and STOP conditions are always generated by the master. The bus is considered to be busy after the START condition.
    The bus is considered to be free again a certain time after the STOP condition.
    • The bus stays busy if a repeated START (Sr) is generated instead of a STOP condition. In this respect, the START(S) and repeated START (Sr) conditions are functionally identical.

    there is no busy pin on the driver board.
    i was thinking to read B6 and B7 to know if it's busy... (as read in the doc)
    If you digitalRead a pin, without a pinMode, you reset the pin in input :(
    I've tried.
    it freeze the display and add to upload a new firmware few time after (is it the cause.. i can't said)


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