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    a/ i power the board and the display with usb from my macbook. I've tried with a 700mA phone charger, it inconsistently... After some time unplugged, when i plug the circuit with 5v, it does not initialize at first time... have to switch off/on (plug/unplug) few time and the display start. (as an old car or a cold engine that need a starter)
    The backpack is supposed to work with a Feather (from adafruit) that work at 3.3v level.

    b/ not sure to understand what you mean (sorry)

    c/ no c/

    d/ i've tried

    pinMode(B6, 'opendrain');
    pinMode(B7, 'opendrain');

    not better.

    e/ I'll try tomorrow. I think i have a plastic bag full of these black diode... (i used it to stepdown current for led...is it the same?) (dont remember the ref... N4007 (in smd and old fashion black cylinder?)

    thanks for your advice...


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