• I think realistically for vibration motors you'll need something to increase the power output. I'd suggest adding one FET (or transistor) per motor. This may help: http://www.espruino.com/mosfets

    But basically:

    • connect the FET 'source' to GND
    • connect the vibration motor between VCC and the FET's 'drain'
    • connect the FET's 'gate' to an Espruino IO pin

    How long it lasts really depends on your motor, but with a CR2032 it won't be a long time. They hate large power draw, and running two motors are once might be too much.

    You could however use a lithium ion battery with the MDBT42Q breakout (as it has a voltage regulator) and that'd be fine. You can get 'mini phone charger' things about the size of a keyring that have a lithium battery and charger and are dead cheap, so potentially that could be an option.

    Either that or you can buy LI2032 (lithium ion CR2032-size cells) that'd work great

  • Can I power the MDBT42Q module(not the breakout board) with a 3.7v lipo and a voltage regulator? I also edited my original post and added some more info on how the motors will be used, so just a heads-up.


    EDIT: will I need any passive components for the mosfets?


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