• Sun 2019.12.15

    Thanks for taking the time to shoot the vids @DamianMontero. That will assist others.

    I don't have those boards, but I believe the issue is that there isn't any start up code available once the save() command is issued. That, or as I hinted to in posts #42,#48,#49 that a race condition exists between the Pixl and 8266 initializing at different intervals. Maybe a Pixl data line is in the wrong state or delayed too long, or something of the sort. As it appears editing the code has been successful, in order to 'save()' again, if that state can be gotten into again, I'd try the following:

    Here is a snippet I use. Would be interesting to see if after a save and restart, if both boards remain active.

    Will have to wrap the var wifi = section with a function and call that function inside the timeout below. The 'var wifi' will need to be defined outside that function, to be global to other assignment.

    Place this as the very last section.


    // Note: save() must be entered at least once before this will take effect
    E.on('init',function() {
    //  setWatch(kill, BTN, { repeat: true, edge:'falling' });
      setTimeout( function() {
        console.log("Hello World!");
    //    st();
    //    console.log("Receiving\n");
    //    rx();
      }, 1500);