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  • This is JSON as parsed by node.js on a desktop:

    { week_number: 50,
      utc_offset: '-05:00',
      utc_datetime: '2019-12-15T18:10:33.811491+00:00',
      unixtime: 1576433433,
      timezone: 'America/Toronto',
      raw_offset: -18000,
      dst_until: null,
      dst_offset: 0,
      dst_from: null,
      dst: false,
      day_of_year: 349,
      day_of_week: 0,
      datetime: '2019-12-15T13:10:33.811491-05:00',
      client_ip: '',
      abbreviation: 'EST' }

    The actual text string comes fromĀ­erica/New_York


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