• There is a lot of classical online manual about Espruino and more so new fashion style thru forum... and very understood is the fact that new new born bangle.js baby has to grow its marks... and is already doing so. We try not to use the RTFM since we as a - guidance abiding (?) - community try to stay away from foul, demeaning language. It helps no one. As well known: there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. --- Yes, it will become subtile communicated when due diligence is intentionally omitted and laziness hailed!... Enjoy and keep asking, communicating, sharing...

    To the subject matter: yes memory is a challenge... and with addition of it power becomes an issue too... but it should be possible to squeeze in a serial flash eeprom... of course not without any finicky manual labor.

    Best design approach is to band your phone and bangle.js together: make bangle.js the ring leader and include the phone as ring supporter. There are 'bridge apps' for the phone(s) available that help with that.


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