• But there's no red light

    Is there not a red light on the ESP8266?

    It might be that the 3.3v rail for the ESP8266 got damaged. You could try wiring it in manually - maybe the easiest is to go across to the 3.3v on the DBG header.

    Also, great news about the dev camp - hope it goes well!

  • Mine has blue lights.
    One quick blink as everything is turned on. then about a second later nice flashing (like it's communicating. and then dead. like someone pulled the power cord less than a second after it did it flickering dance.

    ok. so you think I should botch a wire from the top 3.3v and ground down to the esp8266's 3.3v and ground.

    I was thinking that of that and was trying to hold wires (but I only have two hands so I don't think I got it working.

    As for the dev camp. It's in Feb and I'll make sure to post videos and photos on youtube and here for anyone interested.


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