• You know @gordon the pixl.js badge doesn't even seem to flicker.
    and just a reminder on the first day it was FLAWLESS for several hours as I was coding.
    It wasn't until the next day.

    Now to be sure I'm no soldering expert so although I'm incredibly humbled if @Robin thinks I did a good job I had put in the ESP8266 wrong and had to unsolder and resolder so I know I very well may have damaged it.

    But there's no red light (the red light or buzzer or NOT on by the time the ESP8266 seems to turn on. and like I said it SEEMS to be happening.

    I haven't had the time to put on that capacitor. But I LOVE this group because everyone is making suggestions and working with me which is Why I'm already on my 4th Espruino products (love them all) and using a bunch of the full ESP8266 modules to do a big presentation at the next South Florida Dev Camp that get's about 1,5000 people to that conference. (I'm on the IoT track so I don't expect all 1,5000 people to show up. but if they knew what I know they would show up)