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  • If it works fine then this analog value is super easy which is good. From datasheets of HRS3300 it can be seen that you can setup led current and analog resolution and gain. From PAH8001 datasheet used in DS-D6 it can be seen that it also has touch sensor so you know when to turn it off or should not read the value or it can go automatically to sleep mode with led blinking slowly if it does not touch the skin. I guess these setting are mostly for saving battery power or possibly also for different skin types or lighting so the signal from sensor is not under or over exposed(?). Also both those sensors come with vendor closed source library (can be found on github included in some projects both for PAH8001 nad HRS3300) where you call the algorithm with values from accelerometer to possibly do some motion compensation(?). It is all quite complicated and mostly black box so I was just surprised here that it is simple analog value. The open source code we curently have for those sensors reads only such analog value anyway and it seems to work too.


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