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  • ...Bangle.js becomes the remote (X11) display server for the phone... (or other BLE enabled 'computing' center). As long as it is not full images - but predefined sprites (w/o parms and with parms for predefined variations/sizes) - a very efficient way to do things. Some ideas just come and go, float back and forth - between servers and clients - partially and fully... If it is full image, one full display image in 16 colors eats - uncompressed - up almost all RAM emory there is... not much left to do communication - so streaming would be the only answer...

  • indeed. that is sort of what I would like to go for. symbols for common ideas and what not. but again, everyone would be surprised how performant the string method can be. especially with optimizations that prevent things like sending graphics commands which would result in draws off screen.


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