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  • This looks really interesting - thanks! Also, interesting about the first Apple Watch - it explains a lot :)

    Since you're doing a bunch of stuff on the phone, I wonder whether you could take advantage of something like:­ools/blob/master/examples/imageconverter­-html.html

    So you're basically doing all the rendering on the phone, compressing, then pushing it to Bangle.js.

    Normally that'd be a bit slow, but I reckon if you went with the 120x120 graphics mode and maybe compressed to the 4 bit Mac palette - even better if you could render only what changed - you could end up with something relatively performant.

  • Yes, I have considered this too! For longer programs it could be useful. But, one big reason it works this way (minimizing the involvement of native or native code) also takes a page from Apple Watch: if the device running Espruino ever becomes reasonably powerful enough we can simply move our code from being executed on host to being executed on the more powerful Espruino. The other reason for avoiding that is that I plan to figure out delta updates, so I can send far shorter commands.

    Edit: I see why you suggested this, it’s almost constant in execution time.


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