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  • Yeah, aliexpress recommendations and sales are harmful :) BTW just the bare E73 "module" is about as big as Gordon's MDBT42Q breakout (see the attached picture).

    I was just playing with this yesterday, got the "devkit" variant on 11.11 sale... By default the flash was locked, so you you need an SWD programmer to unlock and program it! Couldn't find real documentation, just this pastebin with some pinout info.
    First try: just flashed the MDBT42's flash, and it did work :)
    Second try: here is a board file based on the MDBT42Q:­uff/blob/master/boards/ Only set up the LEDs and buttons, did not do anything about the low frequency oscillator.

    As for the Pinetime -> It's "just" an Y7 smartwatch. One of numerous nRF52832 watches. Afaik you need an SWD programmer, and you need to open the back to access the SWD pins. But the back is glued, so it won't be water proof after opening it. Maybe not the best option for "hacking" it...
    But probably the MDBT42Q firmware should just work as a starting point...
    This thread has a lot of info on various nRF52832 based watches / bands.

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