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  • Hello folks!

    First of all, thanks for this amazing job. For a runner like me, having a possibility to make my own sport mode is incredible.

    I'm trying to get my heart rate, but Bangle.setHRMPower() function is undefined.
    The only example I could find seems to read an analog port instead of listening to the 'HRM' event as the doc says.

    I am using the latest firmware (2.04), on the NodeConfEU watch.

  • Hi, sorry for the question, but is Bangle.setHRMPower undefined, or the return value of the Bangle.setHRMPower(1 / 0) call is undefined?

    Calling Bangle.setHRMPower(1) turns the HRM on - the HRM's green LED is on. The app's code is up at the github take a look at it, it's working for me.


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