• I'm very appreciative of the help, but I'm pretty sure the code is not the issue.
    I say this because the code hasn't changed between it working and not working.
    I've started with the code from the example provided by gordon that on day one worked perfectly but now the exact same code has the same error as all the other codes:

    @allObjects I have tried your code but I do believe it's not for the Pixl.js (correct me if I'm wrong) and Wifi.at.debug() was not a method in the ESP8266WiFi_0v25 module.

    I haven't tried the capacitor which in my mind has the best chance since it's a hardware fix.

    Help me understand what could have gone wrong. I'll have to buy a new Pixl.js badge. Are they still available? And brand new ESP8266's and try this whole thing again.... :'-(