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  • There's now a neopixel module builtin? Man, kids these days... spoiled rotten I tell you!

    With firmware that old, you'd need to do it like we did back in my day (I'm sure there are some examples here) where you use an SPI peripheral and send4bit() or whatever it's called.

    That's how I did it back then, and lemme tell you junior, you never heard me complain!
    (heh, in terms of "back in my day" type things - a bit ago, I was modifying the hand tuned avr assembly code in adafruits arduino neopixel library to make it run on 20mhz and 10MHz parts for the new megaavr parts. Fun stuff, you feel like those guys in The Matrix who can look at the green symbols and see what the reality they decribe is. But that was only 2 months or so ago)

    But yeah - just update the f/w and you should be good. The newer firmware has all sorts of other goodies too.

  • The 2-months ago was my assembly writing experience. I have no idea when Espruino got neopixel module builtin!

    TBH I haven't had a chance to work on any Espruino projects lately... I really want to finish up the two big projects for my room... I just came up with the perfect way to deal with the problem of generating patterns for my pingpong lights and deploying them. But I have a million other projects!


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