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    1) By "new" I meant the NodeBadge but not from the conference. the one from the espruino shop but that (like we established) has the pins in the correct location for a simple ESP01S to be soldered in easily

    2) The Espruino Badge DOES seem to be working perfectly. And I would guess the ESP8266 does two but it just looses power (my guess)

    3) I've love to try anything you'd like. I wish I could leave it turned on and open to the public for anyone to run things on it (guess that'll be ver two of the IDE gordon made)
    Just tell me what you'd like me to run and I'll run it.

  • Sat 2019.12.07

    Line #6 in post #28 is the puzzling one. If 'save()' is truly killing the ability to then power up consistently, it seems that the 'init()' may not be running on power up.

    'debugging debugging. BLAM it starts working'

    I suppose there might be something in the WiFi section, is there any additional detail in:
    WebIDE >> Settings >> Console

    Other than that, it might be time to post all the code for others to take a peek at.


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